Discover Greater Access Control with Keypads, Gate Locks, and More

Access control is our advanced locking systems that uses more than just a traditional lock and key. We have various access control solutions to choose from, including keyless entry, keypads, switches, and even hybrid solutions that feature more than one option.

Types of Access Control

Access Control Keypads: These numerical dial pads allow you to provide access to anyone who supplies the proper code. They can be used for door access and gate access, making it an excellent solution for those who have residents, friends, or various employees coming and going throughout the day.

Proximity Access Control: Proximity access control panels allow for close range access via proximity tags or proximity cards. These tags and cards easily fit on keychains or inside of wallets. All you have to do is wave it across the access control pad for automated entry.

Biometrics: For those seeking limited access and heightened security, there are fingerprint readers which only allow entry to those whose fingerprints are registered within the access control unit’s system.

Hybrid Options: If you find yourself favoring more than one type of access, consider a hybrid option. There are multiple variations of access control items that combine two access methods for convenience, such as key and keypad, fingerprint and keypad, or even all three for ultimate access security.