Bring Sports and Entertainment to Life with a Custom Home Theater System!

Bring the latest movies and sports games to life with a personal Home Theater System! With high quality surround sound options, lighting features, and automated projectors and screens, you can bring the exhilarating experience of watching entertainment on the big screen straight into the comfort of your own home.

We make it easy to design your Home Theater System your way. Our design process does not focus solely on technical engineering. Aesthetics and our customer’s overall experience using the system are also important to us. We take our time listening to our clients wants and needs so that we may have a full and complete understanding of what they ultimately desire out of their Home Theater design.

Whether you are renovating an existing space or building a new one, we can bring your vision to life, creating a Home Theater System with high quality performance that is easy to control. We offer many different solutions to help you bring your Home Theater to life, such as lighting control, automated window shading, acoustics and superior performance audio.

Our team of engineers ensure your installation meets all safety requirements without compromising on the aesthetics of your room. We soundproof your private theater to prevent exterior noise pollution while refining the acoustics for optimal sound quality. We give you the power to tone down the lights and draw the projector screen with the click of a button. With the seamless simplicity of our automated set-up, you will have all the benefits of the latest technology without the complexity.