Lighting v Illumination

When it comes to lighting up a home or outdoor area, there is lighting, and then there is illumination. Our design team is dedicated to producing both indoor and outdoor Lighting Control options to your residential home that are easy to alter and control.

We Place Magic at Your Fingertips

What if you could change your lighting colors or brightness based on your current mood? Imagine taking a room from bright and inviting to intimately dim with just a tap of your finger. Our services allow us to create synergy throughout your home, giving you reign over every room’s lighting through an intuitive and centralized control panel. Furthermore, timers that automatically brighten or dim your lights on a set schedule can help reduce your energy bill while subtly adjusting the room’s lighting based on your personal comfort throughout the day.

We also believe that outdoor lighting is critical when enjoying your yard or patio area each night. Allow Prestige Automation to create an aesthetic and customizable solution with our outdoor Lighting Control options.

Whether you are at home or away on vacation, our integrated technology gives you full control over your home lighting through various smart devices. Our team is even able to sync your lighting with your security system and automate your lights to trigger on or off based on security events.