Elevate your privacy and comfort with the installation of automated Window Treatments. We combine unrivaled aesthetics with efficient technology that makes it easy for anyone to control the shade in their home.

Choose from a wide selection of Window Treatment options, including shades, blinds, and drapes. We cater to your tastes, providing designs for your approval that complement each room’s color palette and style.

With automated Window Treatments, not only can you control your home shades with a click of a button but we can also program them to suit your lifestyle. Imagine waking up to sunlight instead of an alarm clock or having privacy the moment the sun goes down without having to touch a thing. This feature is perfect as a standalone option or it can be bundled with an entire home automation package. We create tailored service options for our clients designed to cover all of their smart home needs.

Explore a Wide Selection of Window Treatment Options

When it comes to designing your Window Treatment installation, there are plenty of different styles to suit windows of all sizes, shapes, and functions, including, (but not limited to):

Roller Shades: These simple yet luxurious shades go with almost any type of room, protecting you from UV rays and minimizing the effects from heat and glare. You can select varying levels of transparency, from blackout to semi-translucent.

Romans: This classic style of window shading has made a comeback, rising in popularity for its smooth, elegant design. Roman shades can be made from various materials, including fabric, wood, and bamboo. They fold evenly when opened, and look impressive when installed.

Drapes: Shade your windows with refined grace using long, sweeping drapes. When motorized, this shading option is nearly silent, and is perfect for large or uniquely shaped windows. Drapes are perfect for Home Theaters as well. This gives a true theatrical experience.